perjantai 24. syyskuuta 2010

I miss you lovely Erasmus people

Today’s entry is dedicated to my dear Erasmus friends and is therefore written in English. Please do forgive me for the chosen language and all the mistakes I make with it.

As I’ve told you before, I was an Erasmus student last spring in the University of Loughborough. Even though the town is small and pretty much uninteresting I still spent the most amazing spring there with the most amazing people. Finding friends while studying abroad is fairly easy. Especially when one attends to an exchange program, since all the people brought together by the program are in the same situation. Lost, excited and looking for friends.

First you get to know as many people as possible. But later on and quite naturally you start to spend more and more time with a smaller group. I think the key to the question why you spend most time with particularly these people is sipmly how you feel around them. Or to be exact, how they make you feel.

With my group I could always be me. No matter how odd, how crazy, how silly, how Finnish. If I was sad, there was always a shoulder I could lean to and a friend who would hug me lungs-crushingly-tight. If I was happy there was always somebody to laugh with me adding another half to my joy. If I felt like going out, just a quick call and another Erasmus friend would join me in whatever I wanted to do. If I was being crazy there was always a voice of reason or somebody even crazier. They made me feel wanted. And important. And those are pretty good feelings.

And this is why I miss England, I miss Loughborough. Not just the travelling, partying, studying, eating and chatting. But the people. Lately I’ve spent too much time thinking about the things we did together, things someone said and situations we experienced together. Too much, because it makes me quite sad and because I know that no matter what, what has passed has passed. But on the other hand, I can’t think about it enough because all the memories make me happy. I can’t think about these people enough because they truly are one hell of a group of people. And that is why I miss them more than I never imagined I could.

I know this entry probably doesn’t have much value for my readers. But since I’m sitting in my room, listening to all the songs we danced to and sang together, crying my eyes out, this is the only thing that feels right writing. And there’s only on thing I want to tell them with this entry.

I love you guys.

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  1. Your last words remind me one night when we were stuck in Dublin, just before falling asleep in the hostel!! And also your personal "helium show" at the beach party in Loughborough!! Lovely memories and now good friends throughout Europe. I couldn't ask for more!!
    See you soon Elisa (with Italian accent of course!!)


    PS: Just for the records, I'm the third one from the left! :D

  2. "Niin, ja iskutouhuhan on kuin hippaa: jos juoksee liian kauas, leikki ei oo hauskaa ja jos jättäytyy kiinni, haasteen puute lamauttaa mielenkiinnon."

    Tämä ei nyt liity tähän mitenkään, mutta tuo jäi kiinnostamaan eikä kukaan kai lue enää vanhoja kommenttejä kovin aktiivisesti. Siis tuo yläpuolella on lainaus vanhasta kommentista. Tuon kyllä kaikki naiset tietävät ja sitten miettivät kauhuissaan, että en kai ole liian innokas tai liian kylmäkiskoinen, miten ihmeessä voi tietää rajan. Ja tosi ärsyttävää näytellä vaikeasti tavoiteltavaa, jos ei sitä oikeasti ole. Ja sitten kun yrittää olla mielenkiintoisen etäinen, niin mies jättää ajojahdin kesken, mikä pettymys.

  3. Anonyymi, kyllä vanhemmissakin jutuissa keskustelu elää ja kaikki kommentit luen ainakin minä ja kommentoin myös. Toivoisin siksi, että pitäydyttäisiin alkuperäisessä keskustelussa. Näin ollen käynkin vastaamassa sinulle sinne.


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